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Abortion Pill vs Surgical Abortion Price

Deciding to have an abortion can be challenging, but what is more challenging is to choose the best and effective abortion pill process. So here we have a simple explanation for medical termination pill price and surgical abortion price

Medical Abortion:

Medical abortion or also commonly known as home abortion is the process advised by doctors when your pregnancy is up to 10 weeks wherein surgical abortion is not required. The abortion pill kit which is also known as MTP Kit is commonly used for conducting a medical abortion. Reasons, why women should opt for medical abortion, are listed below

· The procedure of terminating the pregnancy using abortion tablets is less costly and it is a non-invasive process. As compared to surgical abortion where you are required to pay more, for medical abortion you need not even spend half of it.

· It is completely safe, recommended by experts, and very effective.

· Women can easily conduct this procedure at home which fulfills the criteria of privacy as well which also lets you get support from your loved ones.

· It does not feel like a full-fledged process as it is more natural, feels almost like a miscarriage or heavy vaginal bleeding.

Surgical Abortion:

Surgical abortion is one of the common and safest performed procedures which many women undergo throughout the year due to various reasons. This process is recommended to women experiencing pregnancy above 11-12 weeks. In comparison to medical abortion surgical abortion is quite expensive and it also depends on the condition of women. This procedure is conducted with the help of anesthesia and surgical instruments. Here are a few advantages of choosing surgical abortion

· It is a safe and highly successful method to eradicate pregnancy wherein it is performed by specialized doctors.

· Surgical abortion is possible even after 10 weeks of pregnancy.

· Women experience fewer side-effects after/ during the surgery is conducted.

· It involves only one visit to the clinic.

· Surgical abortion is highly recommended if the pregnancy is an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus).

Therefore, choosing the abortion pill or surgery completely depends upon the duration of pregnancy and preference of the lady. But in most first trimester cases if the women choose to end the pregnancy, she is always recommended to go for a medical abortion.

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