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Birth control vaginal ring for sale. The birth control ring (AKA NuvaRing) is a safe and convenient birth control method that works really well if you always use it correctly. You wear the small, flexible ring inside your vagina, and it prevents pregnancy by releasing hormones into your body. The ring has lots of other health benefits, too.

What is the vaginal ring composed of?

Nuvaring, also recognized by the term vaginal ring is an arrangement of estrogen and progestin, Ethinyl estradiol that is made up of the ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers, 11.7mg etonogestrel, 2.7 mg Ethinyl estradiol, and another component named magnesium stearate. It has been stated that the molecular weight of etonogestrel and Ethinyl estradiol is 324.46 and 296.40. The active ingredient in Nuvaring includes Ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel. Also, the inactive components are ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (28% and 9% vinyl acetate) and also magnesium stearate. Important information to all the users that this vaginal ring is not made up of natural rubber latex. order abortion products

How does Birth control vaginal ring work?

Women after placing the ring in her vagina will experience a change in NuvaRing hormones that prevent the pregnancy and once the ring is inserted it should remain inside for 3 weeks in your vagina. The vaginal ring is used for the 4-week cycle so a woman doesn’t need to change it every day. The working mechanism includes a combination of hormonal contraceptive that affects the action ovulation inhibition and also tends to change in the cervical mucus and endometrium that decreases the possible chances of implantation. Also, you should check whether the ring is present inside the vaginal area or not (before and after sexual intercourse) to sure that you are confined from the unwanted pregnancy.

How NuvaRing Birth control vaginal ring is inserted?

It is effortless to make use of this contraceptive vaginal ring, but before using it, women need to ensure following the NuvaRing instructions carefully. Below following steps instruct how to put in Nuvaring-

• Before beginning, the insertion process women should wash and dry her hands properly.

• There are three ways to insert the ring which are- to lie down keeping your bent, standing with keeping one leg on a higher surface ( a chair) or sitting in a squat position.

• After selecting on position open the foil and remove the ring and if you are using a disposable ring then you can save the foil to throw the ring away later.

• Women should be sure that NuvaRing placement is done properly and safely.

• The next step is to grip the ring amid your thumb and index finger. Pinch the sides together so you can touch the centers and then insert NuvaRing as far into your vagina as it goes.

• Women can also insert the ring with a tampon applicator which can make the process of insertion easier.

• After using the ring your period will usually occur within/during 1st week.

• So after you get periods make sure you remove the vaginal ring.

• Take a break of one week for inserting the new ring. While inserting the new ring you should insert it in the same way.

• For the woman who does not know steps on how to insert NuvaRing can either follow the guidelines mentioned above or consult the doctor and then proceed with the procedure.

Note: The new vaginal ring needs to be put in and removed on the very same day of that week and at the same time when you have inserted the earlier one.

What are the steps of removing the contraceptive vaginal ring?

The following steps to remove the vaginal ring are-

• Before removing women should wash and dry the hands properly.

• Be in the position which is comfortable for you.

• Then insert your index finger in your vagina and popper it through the ring.

• Also while removing NuvaRing spotting may occur. This is normal so the user should not get afraid of it.

• Smoothly pull it down and forward to take out the ring and with the same amount of patience pull it out.

• Wrap the used ring in the foil and throw away in the bin.

What is the suggested NuvaRing dosage?

To get effective results women must follow the instruction as it is prescribed by the expert. Women should insert one single vaginal ring in the vagina which should be remaining inside for three weeks. To insert a new ring a woman should have a gap of one week. While using the NuvaRing period should occur in the 1st week. Also, after using NuvaRing no period occurs then there might be a chance that you are pregnant.

What are the side-effects of the vaginal ring?

There are two types of NuvaRing side effects which a woman can experience after inserting it.

• Common side effects are headache, decreased sex drive, mood changes, Nuvaring cramps, vaginal discharge, vomiting, and acne, pain in your cervix, nausea, tenderness, breast pain, stomach pain, and chances of NuvaRing weight gain.

• Severe side effects are impulsive numbness, severe headache, coughing up blood; skip period NuvaRing, fever, and loss of appetite, stabbing chest pain, diarrhea, upper stomach pain, skin rash, dark urine, and pain in one or both legs, vision loss and pain spreading in jaw or shoulder and jaundice.


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