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Buy Cytolog Misoprostol online. It is an abortion pill which is used in the process of medical termination of pregnancy. It is an important contributor to the medical abortion procedure. It is a generic product of Misoprostol pill.Buy abortion pills for early pregnancy termination.

Cytolog Misoprostol Mode of action:

Cytolog functions to expel the components of pregnancy

-It ripens and dilates the cervix

– It also enhances uterine contractions initiated by the anti-progesterone

Buy Cytolog Misoprostol online Regimen:

The Cytolog dosage regimen must be followed strictly. Routes of administration may differ. It can be taken both orally and vaginally. legit online abortion clinic

Oral administration:

Each tablet contains 200 mcg of misoprostol. The advised dosage is 4 tablets (800 mcg) in 1-2 days after the intake of mifepristone. Place 2 in each of the cheek pouches and allow it to dissolve for about 30 mins.Swallow the remaining contents with water.

Vaginal administration:

Empty your bladder. Ensure that your hands are sanitized and insert the four tablets one by one. Avoid any kind of physical exertion and urinating for at least 30 mins from the time of administration. A vaginal administration is also considered more effective. Buy abortion pill MTP kit online

Cytolog Expected symptoms:

Oral administration results in a greater number of gastrointestinal side-effects like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Vaginal administration leads to greater uterine contractility and thus increased cramping. Bleeding is also an intended symptom. These symptoms should subside post-abortion.

Buy Cytolog Misoprostol online Side-effects:

-Persistent cramping

– Dehydration and mineral imbalance

– Menstrual problem or irregularities

– Unusual heavy vaginal bleeding

– Rashes or itching/swelling of the face/tongue

This is not a complete list. Do follow-up with a doctor if you see signs of complications.

Misoprostol Precautions:

1- Cytolog works in a combination. When you buy Cytolog online, ensure that you order the primary medication too. Do not forget to take the first pill 24-48 hrs. before this drug. Also consider the contraindications for the it.

2- This product may contain some inactive ingredients which may cause allergic reactions. Ensure that you aren’t allergic to the contents of the tablets.

3- Cases of previous cesarean delivery or uterine surgery may require medical attention since they are identified as risk factors for a uterine rupture post vaginal administration of this drug.

4- Limit alcohol intake and quit smoking.

5- Rare cases may also cause incomplete abortion. Be sure not to miss regular follow-ups.


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