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Ovral birth control pills for sale is the contraceptive pill that is used to put a stop to your uninvited pregnancy. The generic name of the contraceptive pill is Ethinylestradiol and Norgestrel. The tablet contains two hormones namely progestin and estrogen which should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sexual intercourse to get effective results. Ovral l emergency contraceptive pill is also known by the name Levlen, Levite, Enpresse, Nordette, Lessina, Aviane, Potria, and Sardonyx. Ovral is the type of emergency contraceptive pill that is taken after unprotected intercourse or in the suspected failure of the birth control measures. Buy abortion pills online

Important Information about Ovral birth control pills:

· Women should not consume an Ovral contraceptive pill if conceived a baby a few months ago or if you are pregnant.

· Also, you must ingest the medication as per the directions of your concerned doctor, or else missing pill can increase the risk of getting pregnant.

· The Ovral g tablet can be used as an emergency pill. Carefully follow the instructions and do consume the pill as early as you think that you might get pregnant.

· Some drugs can be less effective in preventing pregnancy which includes antibiotics, HIV/AIDs medicines, seizure medicine, and Hepatitis C medications, etc.

What is ovral L ?

Ovral contraceptive medication is prescribed to women to eradicate pregnancy. The two female sex hormone levonorgestrel and Ethinylestradiol assist in preventing pregnancy. The pill should be consumed only if you had an unplanned sexual activity or suspect failure in pregnancy. Some women consume Ovral tablets to postpone periods up to 17 days, but for that, you should take the pill 3 days before the periods and can also continue consuming it for maximum for 20 days.

What are the key components of the Ovral pills?

The Ovral medication comprises two active ingredients namely ethinylestradiol of 0.03mg and levonorgestrel of 0.15mg.

· The ethinyloestradiol is a female hormone used to control and maintain the menstrual cycle.

· The levonorgestrel is the hormone drug that belongs to the drug progestin which helps in birth control by preventing the released egg and egg implantation.

How does the Ovral tablet work?

Women should consult the health care provider and confirm whether she is eligible for taking the pill before she begins the procedure. After consuming the tablet the medicine will begin its mechanism to prevent the pregnancy, which process in the same method i.e. by releasing an egg from ovaries during the menstrual cycle and then thickening the cervical mucus which stops the sperm from penetrating the uterus. It prevents the egg implantation in the uterine lining. Also, some women consume Ovral to delay periods of up to 17 days.

What are the possible side effects of Ovral birth control pills?

The Ovral g side effects are of two types minor and severe. In minor side effects, women might experience mild headaches, vomiting, nausea, irregular bleeding, breast tenderness, cramping, mood changes, and changes in the menstrual cycle. These side effects are for a short period which recovers early.

In severe side effects, women might experience severe abdominal pain, dark urine, depression, sudden heavy bleeding, continuous spotting, and jaundice. If the consumer experiences such symptoms then she should call for help and seek care on noticing swelling, dizziness, and migraine problems.

How to take the ovral emergency contraception?

The contraceptive pill can be taken either with a light meal or without food. But it is always advisable to consume the medicine with food at the same time when you have consumed the first pill or consume it as it is prescribed by the doctor. You should take the pill orally with the glass full of water on the first day of your menstrual cycles and continue taking it for the whole month. Do not chew, break, or crush the tablet while consuming it.

What is the recommended dosage for the pill?

The dose of the contraceptive pill comes in two formats including Ovral -21 and Ovral -28. A woman can choose their dosage as per their condition.

· In the case of Ovral -21 format women are advised to consume pill at the exact time for 21 days and then take a gap of about one week (7 days) before initiating the next 21 days course. Make sure you consume every pill at the same time when you start the initial pill.

· While choosing the Ovral-28 format women should consume the pill on the first day after the onset of menstruation. Then one should consume the white tablet daily for 21 days and then consume the pink tablet for 7 days.

After consuming the pill you may experience bleeding within 3 days but you should continue taking the white tablets till the pack is not finished. Also, women should not rely on the Ovral 28 pack which is being consumed daily for 7 days rather it should be combined with a non-hormonal back-up method of birth control during those 7 days. Women can use Ovral for emergency contraception.

How effective is Ovral birth control pills?

This contraceptive pill is the combination birth control pill which is 99% effective in preventing unwanted or suspect failure to birth control procedures. If women consume the pill as prescribed then there are fewer chances for her to be pregnant. So, if 100 women have used this contraceptive pill in a year then from those 100 women there will be only one woman who might get pregnant, but this mostly occurs if the woman has not used the medicine appropriately.

What is the benefit of using the contraceptive pill?

The contraceptive pill is a hormonal contraceptive method used to prevent pregnancy, but these pills can be used occasionally for several other causes. Here are some benefits of other cause that woman gets from using the contraceptive pill and they are:

· Women who experienced recurrent miscarriages can be advised to consume the Ovral L.

· The contraceptive pill can be advised to the woman who is facing the problem of menopause which helps in reducing or avoiding the short-term symptoms.

· Women consuming the tablets as a regular contraceptive method can use the pills for up to three years.

· The contraceptive pill can be used as an emergency contraception method if it is consumed within 72 hours after having unwanted or unplanned sexual intercourse.

· It may be used in conjunction with other methods such as if a woman is having painful menstruation which can reduce the pain for a while.

· It may be advised by the health care advisor to consuming it occasionally if a woman has a problem of dysfunctional uterine bleeding.


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