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Generic RU486 Abortion Pill for sale. RU-486 is an abortion pill used for early termination of pregnancy. It contains Mifepristone as an active ingredient that prevents the sustenance of pregnancy. It is an anti-progesterone and is to be taken in combination with a prostaglandin. It can be used anytime from the 4th week of gestation upto the 10th week. This method of medical abortion is an FDA approved alternative to a surgery.

Generic RU486 Abortion Pill Mode of action:

Generic RU-486 majorly disrupts pregnancy by causing decidual necrosis. Decidual necrosis is the medical term for the rupture of the thickened uterus lining as a result of pregnancy. It also induces myometrial contractions in the uterus and cervical softening. All of this combined with the effects of misoprostol leads to the expulsion of pregnancy contents.

RU-486 is also known to exhibit anti-glucocorticoid and mild antiandrogenic activity.

RU486 Regimen:

On day one, swallow 200 mg (one tablet) of Generic RU-486 with water (a single oral dose). Do not forget to take the secondary medication with the specified dosage within 24-48 hours of this pill. Follow the restrictions on food, beverages and activity.

Kindly note that this medication doesn’t suit all cases and does have a few contraindications.

Generic RU486 Expected symptoms:

You might experience vaginal bleeding within the first two days of mifepristone intake. This may however not begin immediately. One might also expect mild cramps although it is more prominent after the second pill.

In 3 out of every hundred women, complete termination of pregnancy occurs at this very stage. It is indicated by the expulsion of pregnancy components without any blood. Ensure confirmation of this condition through formal clinical assessments.

Common side-effects of Generic RU486 Pill:

-Irregular bowel movements
-Chills and fever
-Breast tenderness
-Skin rashes

Abortion Pill Precautions:

This medication cannot be recommended in the following cases

-You are over 10 weeks pregnant
-Your pregnancy is ectopic
-You are allergic to the components of the medicines
-You have certain conditions of the heart, liver or lungs or adrenal failure
-You have been smoking or drinking excessively
-You are under other over-the-counter medication
-You are a breastfeeding woman

In rare cases, complications may occur. Should there be extreme discomfort, please visit a doctor.


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